• 1. The steam from the cup curled around her face, as if it were searching for something.
    2. He had succeeded in doing a lot more than just drowning his sorrows.

  • anothershadowbox commented on the post, scope 3 days, 8 hours ago

    i like to think i’m wider than i am.
    i like to hope that i will become wider than i am.
    yet there’s so much to do
    when you’re only so young.
    so to make myself greater, i try breaking myself
    into ruby shards.
    i’m sure you can guess at how well that’s going for me.

  • paths were meant to be broken, correct?
    lines were meant to be bent.
    in boxes, you cannot grasp the stars.
    with laws, you cannot be free.

    roads were meant to be swerved off of.
    shattered shackles line the halls of kings.

  • anothershadowbox commented on the post, vines 1 week, 1 day ago

    tracing themselves around the earth’s fingers.
    creeping up the stones trapped in the boundaries of this ancient building.
    green and waiting to die.

  • anothershadowbox commented on the post, lens 1 week, 3 days ago

    Seeing the world from glass lens that should have been destroyed a long time ago isn’t healthy for you or the people you interact with. You need to know the limitations of your perception– when it is dust, and when it is not.

  • your voice
    crackling, flickering
    dying in turning circles
    has found a home here
    when no one else would accept it
    except your grave

  • it runs through the cracks in the night like ichor.
    setting bones on fire
    and eyes aflame.
    you will remember this night
    and all nights before and after it
    as having a sun in them. such is the power of joy.

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    falling into the stars and the leaves
    and the dust particles, sparked with
    light echoes down our ribcages.
    our wings are light.

  • every day,
    we wish for you to leave
    depart across the asphalt that’s as
    gray and flat as your soul

    we wish for you to move
    on your straight trajectory
    like you want us to
    and leave us for shaded hours
    in peace

    even though we call you

  • you were bright
    when the stars were too cold to hold our hopes
    you were there
    when the trees twisted into screams
    when the sun fell from the sky
    you were there
    blinking back and forth with wings stitched from our hopes.

  • anothershadowbox commented on the post, jump 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    we’ve all gone through the same
    leaps of faith, the defiance of the
    chasm and of gravity.
    yet we fail so often.
    fall so much.
    why weren’t we born with wings?

  • i am you i am you
    i am all who you will ever aspire to be

    it rests
    on the top of steeples,
    leering at the gas station,
    conclusions leave it
    and dubious truths fill its followers

    while there are many its,
    the only problem is choosing which it
    to give your hands to.

  • the screen glows of wisdom.
    a start of a start.
    knowledge extends its hands.
    waiting for you to begin
    and to fall in.

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    there was a pebble,
    glass, as green as hope,
    embedded in the asphalt

    the sun loved it,
    this little thing in a sea of
    stone, slate, grey.

    humans may tread on it daily,
    as they do all things.
    creaking on with lives that go down
    grey roads to grey places.

    as a function of this,
    they never know what ‘special’ means.
    nothing is…[Read more]

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    there was no food in the first place.
    the thing that i’m placing in this oven right now
    is not a cake,
    or bread,
    or anything of sustenance, for that matter.

    this oven is a crucible
    for all my foul moods
    as they sit in a metal tray
    and burn

  • smile in gold and munificence
    though your stature is near-nothing and your voice is soft
    forged of tin and tears
    and wisdom and metal
    some parts of you we already have.
    other parts of you we need desperately.

  • anothershadowbox commented on the post, steady 2 months ago

    with every second, it grows by another atom.
    its fingers will soon touch the sky, crumble to bone,
    vanish in wind.
    but that will all happen later.

    time drags the hours across the sky.
    yet they are far too heavy.

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    I looked into his grey eyes, as they looked into mine.
    He read me slowly. Languidly. A sun examining a storm cloud. Then he spoke. “You will only find your answer if you look inside your soul.”
    I went home that day disappointed. Again.

  • the dreams i once own now belong to no one.
    dust is all i tread on now.
    as to not release tears.
    i have given everything i have hoped for to the ashes.
    i say goodbye to the
    i say goodbye to the stones.

  • your hands are brittle
    intertwining little wires of light
    trying to reach the darkness.
    but all it will do is destroy you.
    even though you think you’ll never be complete without it.