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  • I get intimidated because I see something I lack in myself in you. Maybe its not because I like you, i might just like the idea of you. Either way that intimidation also means its because I don’t like me. But thats no surprise.

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    Shelby couldn’t stop the thoughts from popping into her mind. She had made a fool of herself in front of her crush yet again. The embarrassment bombarded her brain in waves; as soon as she thought it was over, another one would roll through. It was intimidating, talking to her crush, especially when she never knew what ridiculous thing would fly…[Read more]

  • monster in my face
    growling, hissing, snarling
    fear encompassing me
    want to turn and run away
    need new eyes to truly see
    what seems so terrifying
    is a whole new world opening up to me
    beyond the facade and drama of the demon
    when the cloak is yanked away
    an angel leading the way

  • I didn’t mean to intimidate the competition, but what can I say? I’ve been here before, it’s not my first time at the rodeo. But they insisted I participate, so I did, with the intention of winning. Again. The gun went off, and I escaped.

  • Soft spoken sentences and untamed hairs framing her face. What do you do when the only thing you want in this world is the only thing that you fear? What do you do when the only thing you love intimidates you so?

  • don’t bother looking like that this way. i’m not scared and you dont intimidate me. go fast the other way cause i’m the one that knows how to dig. i’ll embrace you with patience

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    intimidated, never hated
    just by the sheer purity of life.
    I know not what to do when I’m pickled by temptation
    do I push harder, or do I slow the throttle
    and enjoy the wind splashing in my face.
    Living and speaking with ardor
    succumbs to branches falling off of trees
    and quakes of the earth
    attacking me when i’m not looking.

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    He loved to intimidate people he didn’t like. There was something about seeing the shock, confusion, or fear on someone’s face that gave him a rush of satisfaction.
    It was wrong, some part of him knew. But it felt so good.

  • Walk through the fear–that is what I keep telling myself. He intimidates because he can, because he is fearful. Don’t let it deter you because if you do what is the cost? Your beautiful daughter. Keep her safe. Be brave. Don’t be intimidated.

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    I read this as intimate, so that’s what I’m going to write about. I think I have problems with intimacy. I think I get way too attached way too early, or I just don’t get attached at all. I want what I can’t have, and I want everyone to love me and want me. I think it’s a problem.

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    What intimidates you? Bullies, finances, the future, insecurity? Do something to overcome these things. You can do it!

  • She exhaled, trying to straighten her spine and stand as tall as possible. “Think confidence. Think confidence. Think confidence.” She walked through the crowd, not making eye contact, keeping her eyes on the prize.

  • we stare at the witch-trees
    as they reach with their cold grey branches
    tainted by moon
    and pluck out our hearts
    our joy
    our bravery.

    to them, nothing is gold.
    there is no such thing as courage.
    it just all dies
    at their feet.

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    There is a ramp to my heart. All are welcome to climb it. Such fools they are. There is no heart. He carved it out a long time ago.

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    my life is a like a ramp so far. Downhill. But then, you can get back up, but of course going up can slow you down sometimes. I don’t know. I feel like running down the ramp and roll, and probably feel the pain as I roll down. Help me.

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    The ramp looked functional, but Josh sighed. While there were no holes and the surface looked skid-proof, it was just too steep. He tried once to push his wheelchair up the slope but as he released his grip to grab again, the chair started to slide back. He grabbed the handgrip on the wheelchairs and eased himself to the bottom again. “I don’t…[Read more]

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    An avalanche suddenly broke out that a multitude of ice balls rolled down from the ramp.

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    screenname: rampitup

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    I watched as nurses and doctors hurried down symmetrical corridors, rushing patients lying on stretchers down ramps and from the emergency rooms.

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    The ramp was long and windy. I stared down it with trepidation. Could I really bike down this